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Oct 24

Foreword, Chapter 1 and Interlude


Edited: Oct 25

Hi everyone, so excited to be here and get some discussions on something we all love: GOLF! Either choose one or many of these topics or choose other(s) that you thought were

interesting and comment away! Here are some of the ideas that resonated with me...


Foreword: A Game Worth Playing

What kind of golf game is it that you want to play?

"I believe the real purpose of the game is to teach us things that will be valuable for the rest of our lives."


Chapter one - The Course Walk

Many of the ideas in this introductory chapter are ones that will be discussed in greater depth throughout the book. The biggest awareness in this chapter for me is the idea of extrospection - where is your attention? Are the things you focus on allowing you to access the present moment or are you in your head? What does it mean to be "awake" on the golf course for you?


Are you 1 shot away from going crazy?














Interlude: My Story

How does the story of Fred and Kojo reflect your game?


"But he seemed to get the most out of his ability and was really enjoying the game." The author's comment regarding Kojo's attitude on the golf course definitely stuck with me. Often I find myself thinking that I'll enjoy golf more when I'm better at it. I always think forward to some future time when I'll have better abilities - more consistent iron striking, no slicing driver off the tee, making good contact with wedges, etc. I think a lot about how great it'll be when I can navigate a course with a good swing. And I often find myself thinking, what do I think will happen when I have a good, natural swing?


The answer is usually that I'll be able to play without embarrassing myself or looking like a hacker.


So I often find that when I am on the course, I'm not thinking about the round that I am playing at the moment. Rather, I am thinking about the rounds I might be playing in the future.


As I read this book, and over time, my perspective is slowly changing to allow me to better enjoy the round in the moment. For example, I am working on thinking more about course management than on swinging the club. And thinking about, and appreciating, the layout of the course. I recently found a used book on golf course architecture by Tom Doak. And I'm excited to read it and learn about how to see the features of the golf course, so that I can be more present and aware of my surroundings (and appreciate them) when I'm out playing.


All of this isn't to say that I'm going to stop trying to get better. I think my favourite thing about golf is practicing - learning all the subtle moves and trying to feel the feels. But there's a time and a place - and I'm really learning that the golf course is not the place to learn how to swing a club. It's the place to play golf.



First off, thank you for taking some time to invest your energy in improving yourself and to add to this community.


Secondly, well said and beautiful views! I love how even from the first day we met that your perspective has shifted to one towards the balance of ENJOYMENT and just like Kojo, his abilities seemed to soar simply by being in the moment. Often people ask me: "what does it mean to be in the moment, how do I access it and what it is?" I ask them to think of a time where they were listening to one of their favorite tunes, where they felt immersed in the vibrancy and they seemed to get lost because all of their focus was simply on the amazement of that song. That's the present moment! Where all of your senses are being stimulated through your own experience, where the past nor the future exists.


I can also admit that at times it is harder said than done to stay present. We want to be somewhere, we're not quite where we want to be and a gap exists between what we want and what currently is. One of my friends once told me to "respect the gap!". Allow yourself to recognize that you want to be somewhere but you're not there so what are you going to do to get there? You now have this energy, this momentum, this motivation to close that gab and as you do, you start to see you progression towards a tremendous goal. When you reach that goal, you come to realize that the blood, sweat and tears were all worth it because that moment of reaching your goal brought you tremendous love, joy and appreciate for your own commitment to something that was so dear to your heart. #respectthegap


Amir, you're on the right track, keep exploring with your heart! Looking forward to seeing and experiencing where this journey will take you. Looking forward to hearing more about your findings through Extraordinary Golf. Thank you!

New Posts
  • I can't believe we are already at our 3rd week. Welcome back, let's jump right into it! Chapter four: Concentration In a 4 hour round, we spend a total of approximately 5 minutes hitting a golf shot. The rest of the 3 hour and 55 minutes are spent on the course socializing and enjoying the course walk. Those 5 minutes is when we need to show up and concentrate... but what do we concentrate on? A common approach is one where most golfers will decide to focus on turning their body, keeping their elbow tucked in or even coming from the inside. This doesn't sound so fun, does it? That means you are spending your whole round thinking about how to move?? That sounds pretty ridiculous, right? What are your key swing thoughts currently? How has this worked for you so far? In the best rounds of your life - do you remember what state you were in? Were you thinking about much? I believe that there is a place for the DOING... - This is where you are working on the mechanics, the technical part of your swing and with repetition you come to create a new habit. HOWEVER there is also a place where it is about BEING... - Being means that you aren't trying to make a swing happen, you're just allowing yourself to make it happen. Once that habit is trained, it is now time to trust . So let go and enjoy the moment! Even when you are training, it is so important to concentrate on every shot. If we train in one way of the range, that same way will show up on the course. "Practice like you play" See p.195 for some cool drills on concentration. Chapter five: Instinctive Knowledge: Your instincts are EXTRAORDINARY. We all instinctively know how to propel and object in the most efficient way possible. If given time to experiment - without preconceived of right or wrong, we will feel our way toward the motion that provides us with our maximum power. How did this chapter resonate with you? Have you ever tried throwing your club? Did you think about it or just do it?
  • Welcome back all! Chapter 2 has got to be my favorite chapter of all time! For me, I felt a tremendous amount of pressure melt away after learning this perspective. Why was I spending so much time and energy focusing on "performance"? Why did care so much about what others thought? This allowed me the freedom to explore my game in ways I've never thought of before. I hope that you find this an inspiring as I did! Chapter Two: Purpose Why do you play golf? What has you taking golf lessons? Where would you say you spend most of your energy, time and money on? How do you resonate with the left vs. right column example on page 25? How did it make you feel after reading the "letter to self"? Chapter Three: The Culture of Golfers Old Culture: "There is something wrong with my swing and I must fix it." New Culture: "There is something going on in my swing and I must be aware of it." We're not all robot so why are we trying to push every human golfer in that perfect swing? That logic can seem so simple but here we are trying to master a craft that works really well for one person but what about the rest? The key is awareness! Results, performance, learning and enjoyment all come from awareness. Want to play better? Become aware! Through your own experience, what has helped you become more aware of areas in your swing? I also believe that this awareness is important to look at in all aspects of golf: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and mechanical.
  • It’s good to have you here! Feel free to share anything - stories, ideas, pictures or whatever is on your mind. Here you can start discussions, connect with members, reply to comments, and more. I'm so excited to dive deep into the wisdom of one of my favorite books: Extraordinary Golf "The Art of the Possible" by Fred Shoemaker. On Nov 1st , we start this journey together. This is a book I read at least once a year to remind me of the reasons why golf is so dear to my heart. It allows me to find compassion, lightness and purpose (and many more things we're likely to talk about). My hopes with this book blog is to inspire you as a person and as a golf to find your "true-self" not the one that fears each shot but one that embraces the journey in finding pure performance, learning and most important ENJOYMENT. Synopsis: Most golfers bring more than their clubs to the course. They come with doubt, excitement, fear, desire and a lot of hope. They believe that getting the right swing or hitting the right shot will lead to the best scores. They get so hung up on looking good, they often end up looking bad. Renowned golf teacher Fred Shoemaker gives players a new perspective. He combines a host of practical, proven exercises with a whole new way of thinking and reveals the extraordinary possibilities in everyone's game. Extraordinary Golf is a refreshing blueprint for changing your mind, your play, and your entire golfing experience.